bbstar’s questions

1.How do you build sexual frame as an opener? For Day And Night Game Don’t be superficial
2.How do you build sexual arousal with a woman by building instant conversation or during conversation by using worlds.Don’t be superficial
3.Do you have a certain method that you use?Give me Examples Don’t be superficial
4. How do you create a frame on her.? And if she challenges what do you do?Give examples
2.How do you get the woman sexual aroused with words?Don’t be superficial
4.How do you build comfort and rapport does mean the same thing for you?Don’t be superficial
5.How do you build a sexual connection give examplesDon’t be superficial
6.Sometimes when I use sexual frame, the girl doesn’t feel my vibe or she doesn’t understand?Don’t be superficial
7.You tell me you don’t use attraction so what do you do to lock the girl in?Don’t be superficial
8.Do you use any kind of roles plays give me examples.Don’t be superficial
9.How do you intial conversation in the day time sexuallyDon’t be superficial
10.How do you grab a girls attention the streets.Don’t be superficial
11.How do you open streets sets because sometimes they walk awayDon’t be superficial
12.Show me examples of sexual tension that could be used in day or night game
13.When you the girl isn’t showing interested how do you make her show interest
14. Do you talk to the girl twice in a club after meeting her/ isn’t that needy cause your talking to other girls
15.Do you have great examples NLP/ Or way to control the girls frame
16.How do you build challenges or sexual challenges
17. How do you qualify and when do you qualify
18. Sexual tension Give examples and do you merge into your conversation
19.When someone cockblock how do you behave and how do you work with the situation
20. Is there a time when you have nothing else to say? And should we react.
21.How do you workout your day game style?
22.Girls tell me that they are not interested or they don’t feel like talking.. How do you create intrigue
or how do you keep them interested?
23.Give examples on how you blame things on her sexually?
24.What is your strategy for girl invested or how do you talk to them.
25. How do you build sexual comfort!.
26. If the girl says she isnt your type how do you react.
27. If a girl says she doesn’t want to talk to you what do you do?
28. How do you build intrigue and how do you get the more interested or invested in the conversation! Give examples