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Me too!

But maybe it’s the ol’ curmudgeon in me or I’m just getting a bit older than I used to be…

As much as I love going out, I’m starting to really HATE the blaring music that leaves my ears ringing for days to come.

The only problem is…The hottest women are usually at these places in droves!

So, I go fishing in the ponds where the fish are actually swimming around, just waiting for me to reel in.

Which means, I’m going to have to go those loud bars and clubs.

No matter.

I have this:

The Secret Fool-Proof System For Bars & Clubs

You can get that system right now and within 90 minutes have all the tactics and techniques you need to get women from bars and clubs…

…Without saying a word!

You just touch her the right way…and later that night she’s going to want touch YOU the “right way”!

Couldn’t be more simple.

Give it a shot here:

Seduction Without Words

Now go hit the scene tonight. The women are waiting…

Get Some!

Nick Rogue
Your Personal Seduction Mentor

PS…I’ll be revealing some pretty sneaky stuff in this system that gets her thinking about sex every time.

For example, did you know that there’s a little trick you can do in any bar that gives her a sensation she ONLY experiences while having sex…

…But will seem totally innocent when you do it with her in the bar?

She won’t even be able to put her finger on why she is suddenly flooded with sexual thoughts about you when you use this technique!

More details here:

Effortless Bar Seductions Made Simple


Everyone makes mistakes, they say…

I suppose I’m not exception.

A little while back I ordered a bunch of DVDs of my program, Seduction Strategies.  My plan was to get 50 copies of it, sell them all quickly…then only offer the program online.

My goof:  I ordered 500 of them!

Luckily most of them sold immediately but as I was packing my bag to go to this seriously wild South American celebration in the middle of the Amazon, I realized I still had 19 of these bad-boys weighing me down.

So what I’d like to do is get rid of them now by offering you a quick liquidation offer…


So when I originally released Seduction Strategies, the DVDs were shipped discreetly to your door for $197 so you could be using the full system to get women in bed as early as this weekend.

The program is actually the “underground” footage of an entire live training event I hosted in Las Vegas where 5 lucky dudes paid $5,000 each to get complete access to my entire system…

…And DAMN did they have a ridiculous time hopping into bed with ridiculously hot women that weekend!

Reason: They got ALL 13 of my methods of sexual escalation that you can use at will to cause gushing, wet reactions from women every time you approach them!

The Kicker:  You don’t even have to be all that good at all of them to fill women with desire, you just need to be average at best at a couple of them!!

You can become that good at them as quickly as this weekend…No joke!

It’s really that simple…

I’ll tell you a little more about a special little surprise smack-dab in the middle of the program tomorrow, but for right now you can get instant access to the online version of Seduction Strategies right now for HALF-PRICE…

PLUS…I’ll ship you the DVDs right to your mailbox in a discreet little box (totally free while supplies last!)

If this little proposition sounds fair to you, go to the following link, fill out the form and let’s get you a girl in bed ready to satisfy your every urge by this weekend:

Get Your DVD Set Now. CLICK HERE.

Get Some!

Nick Rogue
Your Personal Seduction Mentor

PS…I will also be making a totally optional offer to you if you’d like some extra help fine-tuning your abilities with women…and that will be a completely complimentary added bonus you can try out if you’d like. 

You’ll get details for that on the checkout page, so be sure to give it a shot…

In the immortal words of Bluto:

“It don’t cost nothing!”

Get Your Bonus Trainings Alongside Seduction Strategies Here

PPS…With only 19 DVD copies available, it’s likely that not everyone who would like their set will get one.

This is just going out to way too many guys like you who are ready to get more action from hotter women…

So please, if you DO want those DVDs, please act now…They’re going on a first come, first serve basis.

Get Your DVD Set Now. CLICK HERE.

But even if you don’t act fast enough to get the DVD bonus offer, I’ll still give you instant access to the online version of the program for half the normal price!

And that’s a pretty sweet deal too, if you ask me…

Ok, time to prepare for Amazonian madness! (I’ll tell you more about that in another post soon!)

Approaching SUCKS!

I’ll be the first to admit it…Approaching sucks!

There’s the nervous gnaw in your gut as you imagine her violently tossing her drink into your eyeballs as she knees you in the crotch…

There’s the moment of sheer panic as you imagine running our of things to say to her and you hear your words coming out as an unintelligible garbled up mess as she laughs maniacally at you…

And the “logical” conclusion to all of your pre-approach jitters is that when all of this happens a satellite beacon from her cooch goes up into the air alerting all other females in a 50 mile radius that you suck with women.

You see yourself going home alone…AGAIN!

And this is ALL before you have actually even approached her!

You didn’t even give her the chance…More importantly, you didn’t give yourself the chance.

Well, chin up, my friend.

As “Your Personal Seduction Mentor”, you KNOW I’ve always got you covered.

Here’s something that’s, perhaps not at all safe for work…BUT will definitely get the gears turning…

…The mind churning…

…And you yearning…To go out and meet more women with complete confidence that she’ll be diggin’ on you so much that you won’t even have to much to get her sopping wet for you.

Here’s 1 seriously kooky trick that gets women wet

Now, I don’t know exactly what your situation is with women (though you’re always free to message me and tell me how I can help you most) and I don’t know if you even DO hate approaching at all…

But if you’re like me, you might have thought it sucked.

Here’s how to get past that and inside her pants with one devious fell swoop!

Sound cool?

Check out that whacky-ass trick here

Also, feel free to give me your feedback on this…you know I’m always here to help.

Get Some!

Nick Rogue
Your Personal Seduction Mentor

PS…If you think that I’m just a total “man of steel” and never experience that tinge of nervousness when I spy a gorgeous women I’m dying to get inside…

…Think again!

It happens to the best of us.

This helped me and I think it will help you too:

Ridiculous Strategy To Get Her Dripping For You

The Worst Is Still To Come

At least that’s what most wannabe seducer’s are thinking when a hot girl passes them by…

You are thinking of all of the oncoming hurdles that will be getting in your way and stopping you cold in your tracks from jumping in the sack with her…

You are thinking of all of those awkward silences when she doesn’t seem to “light up” over every word you say…

You are thinking of her flat-out denying you when you ask her if she wants to go home with you at the end of the night…

…and on and on!

Seduction done right, however, flows in the opposite direction!

The interaction actually gets EASIER with each passing moment you are engaging with her.

She starts leaning into you…

She starts asking you questions…


It’s like an avalanche of sexual arousal that starts with just the smallest snowball rolling down the mountain…Until the thunderous roar of her primal, sexual urges explode into a cascade that envelops her entire body…

…And makes her BEG YOU to have sex with her.

That’s why it’s absolutely essential for you to start seducing her from the moment you first walk up.

Forget about trying to intrigue her…

Forget about trying to get her attracted to you…

And definitely forget about trying to make her “comfortable” with you.

It’s ALL seduction!

When you start with the seduction phase you send her hurtling down the proper path…The path that gets you laid!

And the interactions just take care of themselves.

Get Some!

Nick Rogue
Your Personal Seduction Mentor

PS…If you’re uncertain how you can cause that instant sexual spark in the first few milli-seconds, that’s why I created this secret system for you…

Get Her Dripping Wet With Arousal From The First Second

You can try it out now 100% Risk-Free for 30 days and start putting the tactics and techniques in this revolutionary new system for getting her turned on tonight.

PPS…If you’ve been missing my emails over the past month or so, don’t be alarmed.  I’ve been making some big changes behind the scenes to drastically improve your user experience.

More good stuff to come…

Now go check this kickass system out:

Discover The Secrets Of “Instant Seduction” HERE

Friday Night Date

It’s friday night…perchance you have a date…

And just perhaps you want to have wild, steamy monkey sex on this date…

But you also don’t have 2 shiny nickels to rub together in your pocket.

You still want sex, but you can’t take her to dinner or a movie…or even to coffee for that matter.

I got you covered…

Truth is, if you know what you’re doing, dates are either free or mega-cheap!

At least the ones that lead to sex when you know exactly how to set these dates up!


Listen, there’s only 3 things you need in order to get sex on your dates, but odds are YOU aren’t doing them.

And that’s a damned tragedy because that’s only going to cock-block you on your date…

…Or make her feel like she has to string you along for 3-6 dates (or more) before giving you the sex she already is craving.

Set things up properly, and sex is almost automatic!

Do it wrong, and she will string you along forever…or get bored of you quickly and move on to a guy who REALLY gets her juices flowing!

Don’t let that happen to you…

I reveal the 3 “S’s” of First Date Sex here in this short video so you can start having dates that end up with her straddling you and riding you hard in bed…

…rather than getting an awkward hug on her doorstep (if you’re lucky!)

How To Get Laid On The First Date

I call it the First Date Check-Mate and it will be you new secret weapon for ensuring you have nothing but successful dates starting tonight!

Get Some!

Nick Rogue
Your Personal Seduction Mentor

PS…Wouldn’t it be nice if you could set things up from the very beginning so she is working hard to get you interested in banging her?

This Gives Explicit Details How To Make That Happen

Because when you have her working for you, you will never run out of stuff to say and you can sit back and let her do all the hard work getting you into bed.

Couldn’t be any easier ;)

Do You Know The Secret To First Date Sex?

Ever gone on one of those awkward, boring first dates where you felt compelled to make that big, bold (LAST MOMENT) move…
That is almost always brutally re-buffed!

But what if there was a way to create dates that were cheap, easy to set-up…
…And most importantly got you laid like clockwork!?

This Quick Presentation Reveals My System For 1st Date Sex

Get The First-Date Check-Mate Sequence Here

Now there are only 3 key components to having a completely successful first date with a girl, and you know me…

…The only thing I count as 1st date success is whether you got laid or not!

Getting laid is effortless when you put the 3 key components of what I call the “First Date Check Mate” into play.

Curious what those 3 parts are?

Go here:

Get The First Date Check Mate

Then use it on your friday night date and after you use it to get laid, why not send me a quick email here telling my about your sordid adventures, eh?

Get Some!

Nick Rogue
Your Personal Seduction Mentor

PS…If you’ve been frustrated in the past going on expensive dates that only left you with a serious case of blue-balls, that ends right now!

I’ll show you how to structure cheap dates that lead to her begging you to get her into bed.

The magic of it all is that she will automatically believe that she’s the one seducing you…and when you can do that, there is ZERO RESISTANCE at the end of the night…

I mean, it was “HER” idea to get you in the sack, right!?

I think you can see the power of this system now, so go over here and get the full scoot on this video I posted to the blog:

How To Get Laid On The First Date Video Presentation

Have a sex-filled weekend for me, will you?

Bitch Slap!

If you’re not escalating the interaction, it’s fizzling out by default…PERIOD!

You’re either moving forward in the interaction (and closer to the bedroom) or you’re going backwards (and closer to her getting up and “going to the bathroom”…never to return!)

So as a man, it is your responsibility to move things forward if you want to get results from women…and by results you KNOW I mean getting laid consistently.

Over the course of my 7+ years of coaching men professionally to be able to get women into bed in under and hour or 2, I’ve found most guys aren’t pushing things far enough.

They’re playing it way too safe!

(And if that’s you, you may want to check this out.)
bitch-slapAnd when you play it too safe, you never know just how far you can take things…

You never know just where those boundaries are…

…and trust me, they’re likely much further than you think!

So what do I want you to do this week?

I want you to go ballz-to-the-wall when it comes to sexual escalation!

I don’t want you holding anything back when it comes to generating sexual tension and animalistic lust in the women you interact with…

In fact, your actual mission tis week is to get “bitch-slapped” by a girl, then tell me about your experience!

What you’ll find is that it’s damn near impossible to make this happen…It’s truly that hard to push things far enough that you get slapped (even though you may imagine she’s about to do it at every corner!)

But more importantly than that…You will learn the boundaries and just how far you can push things.

And the guys that push the boundaries, coincidentally enough, are the same guys who get laid like rock-stars.

Can you handle getting that kind of action?

Then you have your mission to help get you to that level of consistency!

This System Will Help You Escalate With 9’s & 10’s

Get Some!

Nick Rogue
Your Personal Seduction Mentor

PS…I’ve also noticed that the guys who tend to go over-board with sexual escalation are a much easier “fix” than the guys who play it way too safe…

All I have to do is dial them down a few notches!

Unfortunately, those guys are in the very rare minority and odds are you aren’t one of them.

Odds are, you tend to play it too safe and you don’t escalate nearly enough…That’s why you have the mission to get slapped this week.

I want to turn you into the guy who overdoes it when it comes to flirting with outrageously hot women.

From there, you can easily be transformed into a calibrated guy, who knows EXACTLY how to get women into bed quickly and easily.

This Reveals How To Properly Escalate On Women

New Opportunity

For 10 years of my life I kept trying to put a Band-Aid over a gaping wound…

The wound was my broken heart that was frustrated with my abilities to get women interested me…

And I don’t need to tell you: IT SUCKED!

So I read everything I could on the topic of dating, attraction, and seduction…

…I tried every method out there.

What did I get?

Lackluster, hit-or-miss response :(

And maybe you can relate to a little bit of this if you’ve been out there trying to get results with incredibly sexy women.

Want to know what the realization was for me that changed everything for me and allowed me to seduce women at will!?

I quit trying to “fix the problems” I thought I needed to fix…

I threw away the crutches I was using (like a bunch of lame canned lines, long-winded speeches that were supposed to let a girl know I was sexually desirable, and I quit trying to do things that were supposed to signal to woman that other women dug me!)

I put all that nonsense in the rubbish bin and only focused on the 2 things you need to get women outrageously horny for you.

The Difference: It was like being given a new lease on my sex life!

A totally different experience and women just flocked to me (which is hilarious because all of the “best” seduction methods I had been trying to use before just gave me luke-warm results….)

So I want to offer you a completely new proposition…

I don’t want to fix any of the wounds you may have from your past experiences with women…

I don’t want to attempt to make you pretend you miraculously confident with women and know what to do in every situation…

And I definitely don’t want to just give you a bunch of quick-fix (and ultimately temporary) solutions to larger problems…

I want to give you a completely new opportunity on your abilities with women…a complete paradigm shift where we’re not just trying to bandage up all your past baggage…

…But give you a whole new chance to really present yourself in a way that makes panties drop!

Want to take this opportunity?

Go here:

Make 2014 The Year Where You Master Attracting Women!!

Get Some!

Nick Rogue
Your Personal Seduction Mentor

I Asked My Grandma If She’d Ever Tried 69

She said, “No, but I have done 53 — that’s all the sailors I could screw in one night.”

Ok, so I never actually asked my grandmother that, but maybe if I had and she was being truly honest…

She MIGHT say something like that.


Women love sex!

All women have a secret naughty side that they are just begging for you to let them express.

I know, I know…you don’t want to think about it, but even your dear sweet gran has a naughty side…

How do I know this?

You’re reading this right now.

Which means your grandfather was able to unleash that naughty side and here you are now.

Keep that in mind the next time you see that girl walking down the street, or in the bar, or even in a library.

You might think at first that she’s a “good girl”, that she’s all “prim & proper” and that she definitely doesn’t enjoy exploring the carnal pleasures you are so lusting after.

Well, you’re wrong to think this.

She definitely has a serious naughty side and it’s your responsibility as a man to release her from the shackles of society that make her restrain that wicked, devious and downright dirty side of herself so she can feel incredible and sexy as a woman.

If you’re not sure how to unleash her inner naughty side, you might want to take a look at this:

How To Unleash A Woman’s Primal Sexual Side

Get Some!

Nick Rogue
Your Personal Seduction Mentor

You Can Lead A Horse To Water But You Can’t Make Him Do A Back-Flip

Every day I am scheming up new ways for you to get laid faster and easier…

…And more importantly, I’m putting those ideas into practice so that you can be assured that what you’re getting from me is the very cutting-edge of seduction technology, guaranteed to get you faster results…with jaw-dropping hot women!

But although I am always hard at work creating this stuff for you, that is only half the battle.

The other half?

You absolutely MUST put these strategies into play!

flirtation-same-night-seduction-styleWish there was a way around you actually putting my system into action, where you could wave your magic wand, and women would be lined up at your bedroom door…

…But this is the next best thing!

I can honestly shave years off your learning curve when you start applying solid fundamental seduction skills…

…Not to mention all the pain and embarrassment that goes along with going all “trial-and-error”, like I did for 10 years before I truly felt I had a grasp on this whole “getting women into bed quickly” thing.

Now you can have this mastered in a matter of days or weeks…Not YEARS!

If I could do it all over again, I would have definitely sought out master instruction, rather than going the “Do-It-Yourself” route.

How much better would I be now?

More than likely exponentially better.

So the question remains…

Will you take the (lonely) trial-and-error seduction road?

Or will you allow me to be your guide down the often treacherous path to real abilities with women, so you can get this essential area of your life handled, once-and-for-all?

I’m hoping you choose the latter.

If you’d like help, getting your power to seduce women up to snuff, go here:

Get Instant Sexual Arousal In Women (With My Help)

Whatever you decide, the women of the world are cheering you on hoping you become a master of seduction so you can give them the pleasure they truly crave.

Get Some!

Nick Rogue
Your Personal Seduction Mentor