Epik infield Oct 09 – ‘Engaged Asian’

In the following video you’ll see me meet a cute Asian girl with glasses in the XS Nightclub  in the Encore Hotel. After the video is the description of how I had sex with this girl within 24 hours. The footage is a bit shaky, because the cameraman was Nick Quick… and he was making out with a girl for most of the night. He did a pretty good job of keeping the camera steady… but you can’t fault him for getting distracted. 😉

As you’ll see from watching this video, this girl is ‘happily engaged’ but she still allows me to verbally and physically escalate with her (other than an in-venue makeout, which would have killed the sexual tension). 

After talking for another 30 minutes I get her number and take off. I know that her (logistically cockblocking) friends leave town the next morning, so things can progress more naturally once I get her away. I number close her and we exchange a few texts throughout the night, planning a meetup the next day.

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The next afternoon:

I picked her up at Red Rocks Casino and drove her to ‘a surprise.’ Oh you betcha she wanted to know where we were going, but all I told her was that I had an adventure planned. I whisked her away to the magical land that makes girls get all hot and bothered every time they see it. That’s right fellas – Walmart. 

Ok, so not very sexy. It would have been better to just take her straight to my house, but I had a few things I needed to get, and dragged her along. The point is, I took her on a short, mundane trip.

Before we continued our ‘adventure,’ I had to "drop the stuff we just bought back at my place."

She mentioned several times at the store that she was not going to have sex with me, because of "you know, my situation." [the engagement]. I replied "of course" every time. I also tried to playfully kiss her once and she pulled away. I just smiled and teased her for ‘making me do things like that.’

If you’re ever in this situation, don’t react, don’t do a ‘freeze-out’ to punish her for her emotions. That’s mean, tacky, and won’t work. Don’t try and convince her logically to do something – that NEVER works. Just make her emotions want you so much that her mind will make the leap itself and bypass logictown. (For more about this idea, see Nick’s great article on cognitive dissonance)

I know she likes me. She REALLY likes me and responds well kino-wise to everything, although I haven’t kissed her lips yet. So before we got in the car to go to my place I hugged her tight, and started kissing her neck. She moaned and held me closer, and I just kept it up. No move towards her mouth, just getting her body and emotions to want me, so she could overcome any logical reason she might have against being physical with me (most likely: "I’m HAPPILY engaged to a man I love, and this might break his heart." )

(Me mentioning "what’s wrong?" when she didn’t want to kiss me would be the absolute WORST thing to do).

Back at my place I pull out my guitar (since she liked music) and played her a couple songs. Not that you need guitar for pickup, but that’s what I did. If I didn’t play guitar I’d do something else fun like showing her a great youtube video or whatever. Or better yet, you can just skip right to…

A Great Pretext To Get A Girl To Lie In Bed With You 

I pulled out my little planetarium.

Watch out baby, here come the moves! We lie on the bed, look up at the stars, I pull her close and start rubbing her back as I tell her a little bit about the stars and constellations. Astronomy is one of my hobbies, so I can go on for awhile about the stars. If you have a planetarium, you can just learn one constellation and the story behind it, and you’re golden (Andromeda and Perseus is a good one, but really, there aren’t any constellations with boring stories behind them). 

I pull her close, and kiss the top of her head. She throws her leg over me and pulls me close to her. I lean in for a kiss, and she pulls back (Goddamn it. Nick Quick rarely gets this kind of Last Minute Resistance. We think it’s because I’m more classically attractive, so girls are more likely to see me as a ‘player’ and hold back.)

So what do I do? Smile and escalate. She didn’t pull her body away, so I knew she physically wanted me, she just wasn’t mentally ready. So I started trailing kisses down her neck, across her chest, pulling her hips into mine, dry humping a little bit, etc. She moaned and responded with hip movement. I put my thigh in between her legs and start rubbing her clit on my leg through our jeans. My goal was to get her stimulated enough and so turned on that her hormones took over. I pulled her close to my face and whispered "Do you want to kiss me?" and got a "Yes. Yes. But we can’t." So I lean in so our lips are touching and say "of course not. Feeling my lips against yours would be so very, very wrong…" 

And we start making out.

At this point I started doing the final steps of Vin DiCarlo’s excellent Kino Escalation Ladder. Pulling up our shirts so our stomachs are rubbing, kissing her everywhere, then I pulled her on top of me and put my hands down the back of her pants and squeezing her bare ass. We keep this up for awhile, just to work her into a frenzy. (Well, it’s doing the same thing to me, too, but that’s part of the fun!)

Then I go for DiCarlo’s sweetest move – the hand on the ass slips down further and surprises her with fingers in her pussy. Two things happen simultaneously:

  1. I feel that she is absolutely sopping wet.
  2. She yanks my hand out and scoots away. "No! None of that," she says with a smile.

So do I freeze her out? Punish her for rejecting me? Hell no! I want to reward her for letting me get this far, and just keep letting her body tell her mind what she wants to do. 

I smile and say "Sorry, but you just turn me on SOOOOO much." And look her in the eyes while I slowly lick my fingers. Then we’re back to gentle kisses and more dry humping.

The ULTIMATE Move To Turn A Girl On

What more can I do, you ask? My finger had been inside of her, and still that didn’t turn her on enough. What on earth can turn a girl on more than having her clit rubbed from a guy’s leg in her crotch and having a finger inside her from the other direction? What’s stronger than direct skin contact on her wet pussy from a guy she clearly likes? 

OK, here’s the secret. I’ve got a move left. It’s the BE-ALL-END-ALL of moves to turn a girl on. In fact, the only reason I’ve been writing this post like I’m some kind of ‘Penthouse Letter’ douchebag is because I want to drive home how POWERFUL this move is. None of the things I’d done so far compared to the sheer power of what I was about to do. You can even do a toned-down version of this move in public right after meeting a girl and I GUARANTEE she will get physically aroused. 

You ready? Here’s what I did: I took her hand, and put it on my crotch so she could feel my dick through my pants. 

Yep! That’s the secret move.

Here’s WHY it works (and this is key): Women’s minds are their most powerful sex organ. Knowing that they can turn a guy on makes them feel empowered and sexy as fuck. In addition, she will be turned on by the sheer BALLS of a guy taking charge and putting her hand on his erection. How many guys have done this to them? Very few. The thing is, women are PROGRAMMED to crave dick. And seeing and feeling a dick turns them on. 

If a girl should read this and tell you that it wouldn’t work, then she doesn’t know what she’s talking about. Often girls are turned on physically by things that they mentally are not attracted to – and they don’t even know it. When McGill University measured blood flow to women’s genitals while they watched different kinds of porn, women SAID that they weren’t turned on by the smut, but the thermal imaging shows that they physically WERE aroused. If you still think I’m talking out of my ass about female sexuality, go read Nancy Friday’s My Secret Garden and/or Robin Baker’s Sperm WarsThose books will let you know what’s REALLY going on in women’s heads.


Also, sometime Nick should post about when years ago some bachelorettes left a big black dildo in his bar after their party, so as a joke he put it on display near the cash register. Girls would see it and laugh, then point it out to their friends. "Ewww!" "Gross!" "Oh my god I would run away from a guy like that. It’s too big!" "Disgusting!" And yet, every single girl had dilated pupils (uncontrollable sign of arousal) and their nipples visibly hardened through their shirts, despite it being the middle of summer.

Anyway, I put her hand on my dick. Then I moaned into her ear and whispered "Look how HARD you made me. You make me feel SOOO GOOD." She started breathing quicker, and the next step was to open my fly so she could feel my cock in her bare hands. 

After that it was all just me making sure that she heard/felt me respond whenever she did something I liked, telling her how sexy she was, and how much she made me want her. Less than a minute later, I slid my hand down the back of her pants again and my fingers went inside of her with no resistance. I said "Oh my GOD you are SO WET for me" and that pushed her over the edge. 

Ok, you don’t need anymore filthy play-by-play. Clothes came off and we had an awesome time.


Later we took a shower and rested on my bed a bit before I drove her to the airport. During the post-coital debriefing (which you should always do to learn about weak spots in your game) I asked her when she was first sexually attracted to me. She said "Right after you first walked up to talk to me you grabbed my hand. I thought ‘wow, this guy is confident and fun.’"

A Word of Warning

When you put her hand on your dick in a bar or anywhere else public (which you should do almost EVERY TIME a girl gives you an erection) then you have to keep your speaking tone sexually neutral. (for more on creating sexual tension, listen to the Sexual Escalation Teleconference)

In brief, you should:

  1. Be discreet. If there’s ANYBODY else that can see her hand go to your crotch, don’t do it. If you want a Same Night Lay you have to demonstrate that you’re discreet. 
  2. The tone of your voice shouldn’t be ‘sexy.’ it should be absolutely UN-sexy. In the same tone you would say "Yeah, I saw Toy Story 2. It was OK" you say something like "Yikes, look how turned on you’re making me. You really need to stop it. You’re awful."
  3. If she gives you ANY resistance, don’t force it. Just release her hand and tease her with a "You need to stop flirting with me, making me do things like that. You’re SO inappropriate." And try again later.

Oh, and it doesn’t work as well if you’re completely flaccid. It might turn a girl on because you’re showing BALLS by being so Alpha, but having her hand on your limp dick is a joke, not a turn-on. That being said, if a girl ever asks you if she turns you on, then do it anyway, and laugh at her for being so gullible. Then escalate and put her hand back there once you get hard or have a halfie.

– Epik