Want to get that girl you’ve been chasing for 2 years? (how to get a clean slate)

There is really only one strategy I know that can get you that girl you’ve been chasing for years…

…And I know most guys are not going to strap on the sack necessary to actually pull this off.

But let’s just say you are super-committed to the idea of getting that girl you’ve been longing to be with for what seems like eternity.

Well, my friend, now you’re going to do something that actually WILL feel like eternity and then some.

You see, you need to get a “clean slate” with this girl.

Right now she has been viewing you through a “frienship frame” and just like a tiny snowball rolling down a mountain is destined to become a huge boulder of a snowball, her perception of you as grown in a similar path and it would be damn near impossible to just casually swap out that friendship frame, for a sexual one.

So to get that clean slate, you’re going to have to do is drop all contact with this girl for at least 6 months…preferably a year.

I’m talking about not calling her, not responding to any of her texts when she wants to cry on your shoulder about how awful guys are, and not even running in the circles where you may see this girl.

Realize too…this is NOT guaranteed to work, but it’s your best shot.

You really need to allow time to erase any preconceived notions she may have about you, so that when you do approach her again in the future, you can approach her as a “different man”…the kind of man she wished you were when you first met.

The kind of man that sets of all her sexual triggers and gets her thinking how amazing it’s going to be when you do climb into bed with her.

Bonus: When you are taking this break to get the clean slate with her, you can always continue proacticing on other women. In fact, it’s imperative that you do.

You need to sharpen your skills with women to get this girl.

But I’ve noticed just about every guy who actually takes this advice ends up finding a much better girl while he is on hiatus from the original girl.

He then wonders why he was ever so damned bonkers over that girl in the first place.

So there you have it, how to get a clean slate with a girl.

Just be sure to properly sexualize your interaction with her and ALL women from here on out.

Not sure how to properly sexualize your interactions?

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How To Properly Sexualize All Interactions With Women

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Nick Rogue

How To Get Laid By Pulling Her Sexual Triggers (And Managing The Aftermath)

When you start escalating, you will be doing setting off her sexual triggers…but…

This can be a problem for you, if you don’t know how to handle a woman’s response to her own sexuality.

What do I mean by this?

A woman is often unaware of her sexual response.  She may be completely turned on, sexually aroused, ready to go…and completely unaware of it!

A study was done a number of years ago where groups of men and other groups of women were hooked up to a bunch of scientific gadgets to detect arousal in men and women…while watching hardcore porn.

When the guys were asked afterwards whether or not they were turned on, the overwhelming response was “Hellz yeah, I was!”

But when the women were asked the same thing, the majority of the women said, “No, that didn’t do anything for me.”

So far no shockers here but that’s where it gets interesting.  Turns out, according to all the science-y gadgets the women were actually far more sexually aroused than the men.

An argument could be made that the women didn’t feel it was socially acceptable to admit their sexual arousal but these are women who knowingly consented to doing a study involving hardcore porn, so I don’t think that’s it.

I believe it’s because women are often unaware of their arousal.

For a guy, it’s fairly obvious when we’re turned on…and we can all remember those awkward days in junior high when that evil math teacher of yours seemed to have “boner-dar” and would always call on you to do a math problem on the blackboard when there was no way you were going to be able to make it to the front of the room without your trusty notebook pressed awkwardly to the frontside of your jeans.

When we’re turned on it’s external and visible.

Not so for women, and so they’re often unaware when her sexual triggers have been pulled and she is now feeling sexy and excited.

Here’s How To Pull Her Sexual Triggers & Get Laid Tonight

If you’re doing things right, you’ll be pulling her sexual triggers all the time…The problem is, once she becomes aware of her arousal a shitstorm of conflicting emotions will come whirling in.And if you’ve ever been confused by the paradox of why it’s now commonly said that “women are far more sexual than men”…but it never seems to be that way for you and women don’t ever want to get sexual with you…THIS is the reason.You have to be able to handle the stream of conflicting emotions that coincide with her awareness that her sexual triggers have been pulled.

If you can do that, she’ll be left with nothing but her own sexual desires and will be free to act on those urges with you.

Tomorrow, I’ll begin to reveal how to “weather the storm” of conflicting emotions so that she can feel secure in her decision to give you the lay of your life!

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Nick Rogue

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