10,000 Raving Fans


That’s the most common response I hear from clients who are just starting to build their online business.

The question: “How much money would you like to be making per month?”

And you know what? I think that’s a great starting point.

Pulling down $10k every month means you can trade in your current job for a kush six-figure position as the head of your own damn company.

Guess what? You can easily bring in $10,000 a month when you apply my approach to email marketing to a subscriber base of only 10,000.

Yup, 10,000 raving fans subscribed to your email list… That’s all it takes to deposit $10,000 in your bank account every month like clockwork.

So you might be wondering, “How in the heck am I going to get 10,000 people ready to open up my emails on the daily!?”

You might be surprised to discover that it’s actually quite simple.

In fact, you can do it in 3 to 6 months if you were to apply just a few easy techniques backed by this over-arching game-plan:

Get 10,000 Raving Fans

Before you know it, you can quit making your boss (or some big, faceless corporation) rich and start building your own profitable biz…

But it all starts with you getting those first 10,000 people in your email “entourage”.

Ready to discover the secrets to building that fan base?

Go here:

Get 10,000 Raving Fans

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Nick Quick
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Why You’ll Never Make A Dime Online

Doom and gloom…

That’s what this one is all about.

Every day I hear of a new friend trying their hand at ye olde interwebz marketing.

They build what they believe to be a “cute as a button” site. Then blow up my social media with their new venture. Then after a month or so goes by…give up and say that all this hooplah of making money online is just a hoax.

Well, my friend, I can promise you this…It IS all a hoax if all you do is plunk down a site and start yammering on snapchat about it.

Let me give you the only 2 things you need to get paid for life. Everything else is just static and busy work…

To get paid in like a platinum record selling rockstar, you need (1) kick ass emails to send to (2) your list of interested people.

That’s it.

Simple, eh?

But here is where you stumble every damn time…

You don’t know how to find those interested people to join your list…or as I like to call it, your “entourage”…do you?

When I meet with clients over the phone, the biggest problem they seem to face—writing killer emails aside—is growing a ravenous fan-base they can sell to time and time again.

This is why most give up after a month or two.

They haven’t built a significant fan-base.

You’re smarter than that though.

Which is why I wanted to share the following with you:

The 3 Most Effective List Building Techniques

This, along with my daily email tips, will get you on the fast-track to riches, amigo.

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Nick Quick
Your Email Go-Guy

The Only 7 Subject Line-Stealing Resources You’ll Ever Need

What if you could harness the wit of Oscar Wilde wearing a white waistcoat, the virality of new sex tape of another has-been celebrity leaked on Jezebel, and the irresistible click-ability of the latest “#6 is my favorite” Buzzfeed article in each and every email subject line you write?

What if you could apply the same power to each blog post you plunk down on your site (like this one your eyes are beholding now)?

Think you could generate a few opens to your emails? What about clicks on your links? And let’s not forget blog posts read?

I want to let you in on my dirty, depraved, devilish little secret…

Sure, I come up with a fair amount of kick-ass headlines on my own… But the lion’s share of my very best headlines are generated for me.

That’s right. I’ll admit to being a dirty little sinner…

I flat out steal them.

Guess what?

You, too, can become a no-good, filthy, rotten thief to get more love for your emails, calls to action, and blog posts.

Here’s the tools I use to rip off winning headlines:

1. HeadlineSmasher

I don’t know exactly how or whom creates their wild n’ whacky headlines.  And it doesn’t matter…

I’m guessing someone with waaaay too much time on their hands is sitting around the clock smashing 2 or 3 viral headlines together, spewing out ridiculous headlines as a result.

Some of my favorite email subject lines I’ve stolen directly from the site:

“Dating secrets from a North Korean prison camp”

“Toilet seat down…with a vengeance”

“Donald Trump is set to destroy the astroid belt”

And many other crazy combinations.


These headlines don’t fit your niche or topic at hand?

Make’ em fit…

…Or use the next tool.

2. A Topic-Related Forum

“Folks don’t care about your weedkiller, they only care about the crabgrass in their petunias.”

I’m not sure who I stole the above line from, so I’ll just take credit for it till someone comes a-poundin’ at my door begging for their cheesy marketing slogan back.

But it’s absolutely true. If you can connect on a person’s pain points you’ll go further in catching their eye than you ever could by trying to cajole them toward something pleasant they desperately want.

Where’s the best place to target your market and “hit ’em right where it hurts”?

Find a forum related to your topic at hand.

Just go ahead and type into Google: “Extreme Paddleballing Forum” or “Angry Vegan Forum“…Just about any niche worth its weight in piss will have a forum.

Most forums will even allow you the honor of filtering by most popular posts.

I bet you dollars to donuts that the top posts are going to be a bunch of whiny, cry-baby posts that are chock-full of “Crabgrass” you can steal.

Take the headline forum post subject line and run with it. (Bonus points are awarded if you can strip their stories and spin them into email and article fodder too!

3. Digg

Personally, I haven’t read a single Digg article in ages.

Doesn’t mean I’m not tempted to dig into them on a daily basis.

I mean, these guys are coming up with some of the absolute best email subject lines every day. All you have to do to use them is subscribe to their email list.

Then just filter your inbox for “Digg” and before you know it, you’ll have a heaving heap of headlines you can swipe at will.

Do they all relate perfectly to your particular audience?


Get creative and brainstorm how you can tweak them to fit your audience’s needs.

4. Your Spam Bin

You know what they say, “One man’s trash is another man’s treasure”…

Look at me spitting mad clichés!

Here’s the skinny… When you go dumpster diving through your spambin, don’t be surprised if you discover buried treasure in there. After all, a spammer is fighting all odds that his message will ever see the light of day so some of the savvy ones actually put a little thought into their subject lines. Anything they can do to get some more opens, boosts their bootie balance even higher.

Not to mention, you’ll find random messages from marketers you really enjoy. 

I noticed that Perry Marshall had this hidden gem tucked away in my digital trash: 

“Plastic Surgery Lead Gen Disaster”

I’m not sure exactly what he meant here so naturally I had to take a peak.

Don’t be surprised if your next peak into your spambox turns up treasure.

5. Portent's Content Idea Generator

I only stumbled upon this handy-dandy tool recently… and I’m loving it!

Pick any singular noun that could be used in place of your topic-at-hand and shove that bad boy into the subject box. Voila! Out pops a kickass headline. 

Don’t like the headline it delivered you? (As if you had something better in mind!)

Go ahead and click the refresh button as many times as it takes to tickle your fancy with a captivating subject line. 

6. Link Bait Generator

Scroll down the wall of any random friend’s Facebook wall and you’re almost guaranteed to see some over-the-top “click bait” headline…

I used to wonder, “Is there an exact science to creating these tantalizing headlines?”

Then I found this humdinger.

I no longer need to read thousands of Buzzfeed posts to come up with crackshot subject lines like:

  • “6 email marketing conspiracy theories that might actually be true”
  • “The death of email marketing”
  • “My most embarrassing email marketing in a long time”
  • “10 devious ways people got rich exploiting email marketing”
  • “The only 7 email marketing resources you will ever need”

It really doesn’t get any easier than this to fill your blog with articles that makes even gawker start gawking at your site.

And this works just as well for emails that your audience can’t resist opening.

Speaking of the only 7 resources you’ll ever need…

7. Thrive Headline Optimizer

I’ll let you in on a big secret…

Sites that get massive link juice, shares, and traffic don’t just write an article, slap a headline on it, and call it a day.


Sites that are looking to squeeze every last ounce of attention they can get will first publish with 6 to 12 different headlines.


They want the absolute best when it comes to getting more eyeballs to their site.

Sites like Huffington Post, Buzzfeed, CNN, Lifehacker, Forbes, etc…They work hard to create awesome articles but they know even the best written article can’t stand on its own without a badass headline.

They split-test the living hell out of their articles to find out a clear winner, then post the article with the most attention-getting headline only after it’s been thoroughly put through the ringers in testing.

Sound a bit too complicated for you to run yourself manually?

It probably is.

Well, that is until you test this bad lil mamma-jamma out: Thrive Headline Optimizer.

It does all the work for you behind the scenes, so you never have to wonder what the best headline should be. It will discover it for you…just like all those big dawwwg sites out there are doing.

…And if you find a headline that’s working, go ahead and shove that into your next subject line. I guarantee it will work there too. You did do all that testing already, after all.


When it comes to writing subject lines, headlines, and copy that converts, take it from my main man, Pablo Picasso:

Now go rip off your next killer headline, will you?

How To Play To Win With Cutthroat Email Marketing

“You gotta play to WIN, not to not lose…”

I’m sure it sounds familiar because we’ve all heard it…

… but what the hell does it actually mean?

Are you frustrated with your lackluster marketing traction?…

Are you enjoying plenty of new email opt-ins but scoring absolutely no new sales from them?…

Are you losing motivation from stalled progress and copy that… well… sucks?

Tell me about it… that shit sucks.

Here’s the good news:

If you’re successfully pulling sales and opt-ins then you’re already doing something right EVEN IF you’re not yet piloting the Cashtown Express like you want.

… Most don’t even make it as far as you already have, so don’t give up.

The bad news:

You still gotta get some new skillz onboard if you wanna hit those key emotional triggers that gets your list lusting for your emails and products, mouth hanging open like a drooling cave…

In email, you gotta think only about your offense and and nothing of your defense…

You gotta spur-on the kind of blistering heat that turns your email entourage on so you can turn your list’s pockets out…

… And that offers very little room for timid, cautious, and otherwise careful behavior.

Lucky for you, I know precisely the guy who revs and red-lines your copy for break-neck sales acceleration…

And a marketing rush that grows your business like you won’t soon forget.

Get access to him here and play to win in with cut-throat email marketing…

Take the Offensive: Get Moves that Put Sales on the Board

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Nick Quick
Your Email Go-To Guy

→ Run Here →

One of the perks of helping you start a biz that fills your vaults like Scrooge McDuck’s swimming pool of gold using nothing more than simple email is that I get to respond to your questions.

This affords me the privilege of guiding you along the way regardless of where you are in your business right now, novice or expert.

After reviewing my recent release of “No Website Required”, Johnathan T. fromCincinnatti, OH poked his head into my inbox and asked this:

“Hey Nick. Love the emails you’ve been sending. Keep them coming. I was just curious. I’m just starting out with listbuilding and wondering what service you recommend I use? Aweber, MailChimp, what? Thanks so much.”

Well, Johnathan, I’m glad you ask because over the years of managing clients accounts–as well as my own–I’ve had the opportunity to use almost every Email Service Provider on this big blue marble.

Aweber… iContact… GetResponse… InfusionSoft… MailChimp… Ontraport… and on and on…

Here’s the skinny: They all have their pluses and minuses, benefits and disadvantages, exclusive abilities and unique drawbacks.

However, there’s one new player on the field that is making all the “major players” tremble in their little booties.

It’s the Email Service Provider I’m sending this email from right now…and if you’re a savvy email marketer like I know you can be, it might put an ear-to-ear grin on your chin to check ’em out.

The Email Service Provider that gets my highest recommendations right now is ActiveCampaign.

Check Out ActiveCampaign’s Kick-Ass Platform Here

It incorporates all of the advanced tagging and automation features that are typically only available with super-duper high-end services like OntraPort and InfusionSoft with affordable pricing models like MailChimp and Aweber.

Oh, and it has native integrations with damn near everything a successful online marketer could hope for.

With intuitive control panels and elegant design elements in the dashboard, it is in my humble but always correct opinion that there is no better bang for the buck out there than ActiveCampaign.

Once again, I’m only recommending this service because it is actually the service I use personally. I think you will love it too.

I hope that answers Johnathan’s question and gives you something to check out as well.

Just tell them I sent’cha!

Check Out ActiveCampaign’s Kick-Ass Platform Here

Your Check is in the e-Mail!

Nick Quick
Your Email Go-To Guy

PS…Already have an Email Service Provider and scared to make the migration?

You don’t need to move. You can just stay put.

That is unless… you’re unhappy with your current service and want more features for less money.

If you’re thinking about making the switch,ActiveCampaign has your back. They’ll do the migration for you on some plans.

Otherwise, it couldn’t be any easier to import your list…

…And NO: They won’t have to re-optin so long as you were hosting your list on a reputable server previously.

Rush on over and see all of the features and benefits you’ve been missing out on from your email service and I think you’ll agree that there’s a reason a lot of the savvy biz builders I know are making the switch to ActiveCampaign.

Check Out ActiveCampaign’s Kick-Ass Platform Here

Oh, and let me know what you think afterwards by clicking reply to this (or any) message. I’m always curious to hear your thoughts.

“Soooo… Are you like some kinda coke dealer?”

A lot people don’t get what I do.

Over 10 years ago, I left my “real job”–stars in my eyes–to chase the dream of freeing myself from the shackles of a job that didn’t suit me.

Not long after, I left my home of fabulous Las Vegas and settled into the home of infamous mobsters and drug dealers—Medellín, Colombia.

Which I guess is what must have inspired my niece to ask me, “Uncle Nick. Soooo… Are you like some kinda coke dealer?”

If you’ve already made the leap and are hopping along in your online biz, then you may know what I’m talking about.

Your friends and family never quite understand what it is you do exactly.

I mean… if you do it right, having a profitable online biz buys you the freedom to do things “normal” people simply can’t…

Like sleep in until noon…

Live in an exotic and faraway land on a whim…

Lounge around in sweatpants all day while filling the coffers with “green cheddar”….

Activities that I like to engage in regularly.

Put like that… Yeah, that does sound a bit like the life of a drug dealer…

…Just without the danger.

That’s not to say there aren’t any pitfalls. There are plenty.

That’s why I’ve put together a shortcut system for you to catapult your business idea and get you launched…without getting bogged down with all the technical stuff that can keep you grounded when starting out.

Just click the following link and you’ll automatically be registered to attend:

Build A Biz. Not A Website.

Just a note about this Live Training event I’ll be holding. It’s totally free and will be a part of some training programs I’ll be selling soon.

That said, I will not turn this into a big long sales “snoozefest”.

In fact, I won’t be selling anything at all.

I don’t have any products available at the moment and my client “dance card” is currently filled.

So come, enjoy, and get ready start that new profitable biz you’ve been thinking about the easy way.

Build A Biz. Not A Website.

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Nick Quick
Your Email Go To Guy

It Gnaws At You

When it comes to harnessing the wild and raw energy to drive sales… EVERYTHING pales in comparison to email marketing.

I’m not saying this out of opinion…

…This is fact.

There’s no other channel in which you can reach your audience in a more personal, more direct way…

Not with social media…

Not with videos…

Not even with content-dense blog posts…

Email crushes all of these when it comes to stacking dollars on dollars.  

But there’s a catch it all that’s easier said than done…

You have to be consistently engaging your audience with it.

You have to write personal messages to your list every… damned… day.

Some days you’ll wake up full of piss ‘n vinegar, rarin’ to go, fresh cup o’ joe in hand…

… Until suddenly, that blank screen stares you in the face, brainwashing you completely and wiping your mind clean of… whatever those creative ideas were!

Sound familiar?

You know you must put (electronic) pen-to-paper with words that electrify your audience,driving them deftly to action…

You know you must wield your inked sword with nimble style and finesse to tickle your audience pink, to trigger excitement on every email hitting their inbox with your name on it

… And you gotta be able to do this knowing full-well that you gotta ask them to buy your stuff!

That’s how it all works.

Because some days the words just won’t flow…The blank screen gnaws at you…You come up short for words as to what to say…

It‘s absolutely maddening, right?

Perhaps you’ve experienced “writer’s block” for yourself?

The thing is this, my friend…

Everything around you is great fodder for email if you know how to look for it, and more importantly, if you know how to present it with sufficient emotional gravitas to get normal folk plunking down their credit cards faster than you can tell your friends “Tonight’s on me, guys!”

Well I have 2 solutions to this gnawing pain you experience when it comes to crafting cashing-printing email campaigns:

  1. Study the masters of the game and put out the “blood, sweat, and tears” to learn the art; or…

  2. Hire yourself a true expert who can deliver you the dough you deserve from your list…

…Then grab yourself a margarita, a hammock, and the ol’ novel while money begins to consistently line your pocket…

(Just don’t forget to treat the homies too!)

Sounds pretty cool, right?

Well if you’re keen on Option 1, stay tuned to Email Marketing…Done! and I’ll show you the ropes over time.

Though I can make Option 2 a reality for you before you can fix up that delicious margarita… if you so desire…

Put Your Email Marketing Campaigns on Autopilot

Your Check is in the e-Mail!

Nick Quick
Your Email Go-To Guy

Build A Profitable Online Business In 7 Days (Without Building A Website)

I’m not the most tech-savvy guy.

I know a little html and I can log in to a couple of sites around the interwebz and that’s about where it ends.

Which was a big ass problem for me just over a year ago. A group of hackers had decided to take aim at my business at the time and declare bloody war.

Their mission…

Keep my site grounded as much as possible and at any cost.

Sure, I could reset my passwords, I could reboot my hosting, and I could attempt to intercept incoming DDoS attacks… but try as I might, I couldn’t keep my damned sites up for more than a few minutes.

This went on for months.

I became consumed with defeating these bastards.

I spent hours of my day and massive quantities of my dough trying to maintain a stable web presence.

I was focused on winning that I was actuallylosing. My business was hemorrhaging more money trying to fight these jokers than I was actually bringing in.

Well, the joke was on me.

They were winning not just the battle. They were also winning the war.

That’s when I pulled out my little white flag of surrender and waved it triumphantly…

…I surrendered what would ultimately be the equivalent of Butte, MT in the grand scheme of things.

Butte and its beautiful Butte holes

Butte and its beautiful Butte holes

(Clearly no disrespect is intended towards those reading this from Butte…Your rustic town and arsenic-laced Butte holes are actually quite lovely!)

Here’s the deal: The most important money-materializing asset in my possession was still untouched by those hacker’s fat, filthy fingers.

Those bastards could keep the website, I would wield the power of my email list.

Once I regained my focus, the duckets came flooding back into my buckets.

Ducket Bucket overflowing again, I realized something:

A lot of folks out there get caught up in worrying about designing the perfect website, updating the latest widget, and creating mounds upon mounds of content…

…When they could simply ignore all those potential “distractions” and get started invoking cash to fall from the sky for damn-near free and only a smidge of effort.

And it’s kinda funny. I never fully restored those old websites and now over a year later, I’m still cashing checks from those sites.

So it appears that my strategic surrender may actually mean that I did, in fact, win the war after all.

Take that hackers!

I don’t know if you currently have a business right now that you’d like to boost profits while decreasing efforts…

I don’t know if you are toying with the idea of getting several (semi) passive income streams flowing on the side…

And I definitely don’t know if you’re just now pondering the thought of taking the plunge and starting a business that will pay you for years to come…

Whichever category you fall into, I can help.


Consider this my personal invitation to you to sit in LIVE on the creation of my upcoming training program, “No Website Required (Build A Profitable Business in 7 Days WITHOUT Building A Website)”

Price tag?

This one’s on me. No charge.


Let’s just say that I like to reward those who see the value in what my little mission here atEmail Marketing…Done! and I like to reward you for it.

Sound Fair?

Then you’re just a couple of clicks away from signing up to attend this free training live.

Register For “Build A Business W/O A Website” Live Training

See you at the event.

Your Check is in the e-Mail!

Nick Quick
Your Email Go-To Guy

P.S. Lest ye think this is yet another one of those thinly-veiled sales pitches in webinar format, I can assure you this one is not.

There will be no sales pitch at the end…even if all those marketers out there think “That’s just craaaazy!”

At this juncture, I just want to get this in the can because I will be selling this program to others who aren’t reading this now in the future.

Which means, you might just want to sit in on this now while you still can attend for free.


Register For “Build A Business W/O A Website” Live Training

What’s The Best Time To Send An Email To Your List?

There’s always a big-ass hubbub over when is the “scientifically perfect” time to send out a mailing to your list (you are emailing your list regularly, aren’t you?).

You’ve heard the debate, I’m sure…

Some say you should send at midnight because the gurus said they would be at the top of the inbox when they wake up in the morning…

Others, claiming to be just a smidge more savvy, will send at 12:15 am to beat out all those suckers sending at midnight…

Some even say 5am for very similar reasons…

Yet others say you should mail after 9am to avoid the “morning purge” where you delete all your message because you don’t have any coffee pulsing through your veins and you just don’t want to deal with it…

(Ugh) Some say to do it when they’re at lunch break and need some good reading material to accompany the can of pork ‘n beans…

Finally, various adherents say you should do it at around 6pm because they’ll be back from work and ready to pull out the credit cards…

…And this is just a brief list of what advice I’ve heard peddled by them “goo-roos” as the “proper” time to message.

So which is it?

When are you going to get maximum results?

Which send time will stuff your inbox with sale after sale of receipts you can take to the bank?

Well, the answer of when to send just ain’t that simple, my friend.

Here’s the straight dope…

Just like any good solid relationship, you want to be consistent AND chaotic.

Does this sound a bit contradictory?

Good… because it definitely should!

Listen, no one wants to be with a partner they can’t rely on, one that’s not there for them, one that doesn’t nurture the relationship… That’s why the absolute bare minimum is to be emailing every day.

Like a flower bed full of petunias, you gotta do some work to keep those buds a-bloomin’.

At the same time, as anyone who’s been in a long-term relationship knows… If things become too damned predictable, the relationship gets tired and boring.

The spark that initially attracted you to the person begins to fizzle…

You gotta mix things up a bit to keep those embers a-blazing and the romance a-burnin’…

… And so it is with email marketing.

You’ll notice I’m now messaging you at a very UNCONVENTIONAL time according to the “goo-roos.”

Odds are you’re not even going to be reading this right now because it’s Friday-friggin’-night!

But if the topic matters to you in the slightest then you’ll get to it…and it should interest you if you like filling your piggy bank chock-full of silver dollars rather than dirty, nasty, filthy, green pennies.

So don’t expect me to message at any particular time.

(I thrive on a bit of chaos and controversy)

But definitely count on that daily message from me.

Consistent and chaotic… BOTH… That’s me!


Your Check is in the e-Mail!

Nick Quick
Your Email Go-To Guy

PS… Curious about how I can turn your email list into bars of solid gold for your safety deposit box…or better yet into something far more useful like cold, hard cash?

Here’s my invitation for you to meet up with me over the phone for 30 minutes and see if we’re a good fit to make some serious Benjamins together… completely risk-free!

Sign up here to see if you qualify

PPS… Perhaps my next message will be in the middle of the day tomorrow… A little somethin’-somethin’ tells me I may just earn myself a delightful little hangover for tomorrow that may impede an early morning message…

… But don’t you fret, my friend…

It will come!

And so will the money you’re owed from your list if you follow my advice (alternatively, hand the reins over to me and I’ll personally take care of driving those shekels into your account immediately!)

Sign up here to see if you qualify

Panning For Vold

With my current team of expert email copywriters stretched beyond capacity stacking hundos-upon-thousdos for our client’s businesses, it’s time for me to put the kaibosh on me using completely made up words…

… Like “thousdo”…perhaps even “Kaibosh”.

Though I did find “Kaibosh” listed in the Urban Dictionary, so that makes it a thing.

Another word I found listed in Urban Dictionary:  “VOLD“.

Vold is basically a term for things that are perfect because of their imperfections.

Like email marketing done right.

It will have its flaws…

It will have its flubs…

It will have its typos…

And through all of its imperfections…

It will have its sells.

And lots of ’em!

No one feels comfortable in the presence of perfection…Myself included (And I’m always making piss-poor attempts at perfection haha).

Listen, for the time being, I’m no longer able to take any more clients…though the demand has been whittling my poor little fingers down to the nubs.

So what if I could offer you the next best thing…

The system that allows you to spin VOLD from the talents you currently HOLD.

I’ve already created the curriculum for the Email Rainmaker and it will be available to you soon (and it will cause cash to literally fall from the sky for you and your clients almost instantly).

Thing is, I want to pan for some more VOLD.

Here’s how I propose we do this…

You and I meet over the phone for 15-30 minutes (you pick) and I will literally assist you in conjuring up more gold for your biz completely free.

This truly is free advice from a rogue email veteran and the only thing I’m asking in return…

…Well, I just want to see where your struggles are so I can create a better email program for marketers like you who are serious about “panning for VOLD and making some GOLD”.

Can we make this happen?

If so, let’s chat casually and see how I can help you solve your business woes with ye ol’ email marketing.

Pick A Time For Us To Chat About Your VOLD

Looking forward to speaking soon…

Your Check is in the e-Mail!

Nick Quick
Your Email Go-To Guy

P.S. I know, I know…

For a guy who is constantly harping on monetizing your list, I’ve been doing a piss-poor job.

Down-right pathetic, really.

That’s ok, right now since I’m more than occupied with clients AND creating the perfect email cash-creating course for you, I simply don’t have the time or desire to go for your wallet.


Invaluable for you…absolutely.

Ready for me to teach you how to extract GOLD from you VOLD without needing to pull out your BILLFOLD?

I won’t be doing this forever, so let’s get on the horn and chat about how I can freely help you extract more cash from your list, ok?

Pick A Time For Us To Chat About Your VOLD