[SNSTV] What is her secret desire- (“Just Fuck Me”)

Happy Valentine’s day! (or at least, it was valentine’s day when we did this streaming broadcast)

We had a bunch of people logged in to ask us their valentine’s day questions, and we covered a bunch of topics, including:

The rise of Feminism, and how it affects women’s sexual dissatisfaction. Getting a woman to scream “I love cock!” while in bed with you will help your ‘inner game.’ Sperm Wars. Real examples of sexual fantasies, written by women (and read out loud by Epik. Now that’s sexy). How to set sexual frames on Valentine’s day… right off of the opener. How to lose your virginity.

…and as always, we had people asking us questions during the broadcast. So if you missed it (or caught it and wanted to hear some of it again) here it is in its entiretiy: