This is gonna be BIG…

I just wanted to clue you in on something BIG I’ve been working on lately… Something I think you’re really gonna like.

You see, behind the scenes I’ve been working with a guy who I think is one of the “best-kept secrets” in the dating space.

He’s one of those guys out there quietly seducing women at will while so many guys go weeks on end without getting a single phone number…

… Let alone a date.

His name is Tony Valentino and when I say this guy is fearless, I mean he has more balls than Wesley Snipes, Wayne Gretzky, WD-40, and the World Wrestling Federation put together.

See dude, Tony and I had a secret club in mind…

… A seduction community so exclusive you can’t even find it with Google-searches galore.

Join The Players Club… Achieve Effortless Sexual Stardom

Pretty cool, right?

Because within the hidden confines of this group’s new meetup space, Tony and I are revealing “the family jewels” that enable us to live at the cutting edge of seduction…

To draw back the curtain of literally every “trade secret” on every topic imaginable (same night lays, 1st date hookups, pulling strippers, and threesomes are only the beginning)…

To allow access to the decades of accumulated knowledge, wisdom, tips, tricks, and tactics that comprise our entire seduction strategy and grant uscelebrity-caliber sexual lifestyle.

Now it’s your turn to get in on the goods.

Sound good?

Because if you want 2015 to be your Year of the Blowy-J…

If you’re sick and tired of meaningless isolation and nights alone pulling your pud (while all those other guys are pulling the tail you’ve sought for years.)

And if you’ve had it up to here with subpar results and are strong enough to goddamn do something about it

… Then I’m here to welcome you warmly into the fold of The Players Club.

Join The Players Club… Achieve Effortless Sexual Stardom

What do you get, exactly?

Well to say that you get everything under the sun and the kitchen sink isn’t very specific, so I’ll just tell you this:

In The Players Club, the gloves come off to deliver the hardest-hittin’ systems you can use right now to access the ample assets you want with none of the angst you’d rather avoid…

… no matter what your personal goals in seduction may be.

I’ll say it again:

If you’re unhappy with the state of you sexlife… thenThe Players Club is right up your alley.

See you in the Winner’s Circle…

Join The Players Club… Achieve Effortless Sexual Stardom
Get Some!

Nick Rogue
Your Personal Seduction Mentor

for Seductive Conversation…