why make it HARDER on yourself, huh?

Let’s keep the priorities straight in our minds:

Sunday fun in the sun comes before checking email.

So I’m gonna keep this one quick, direct, and to-the-point so you can get yourself out and enjoying summer and the hotties it brings with it.

Here’s your fundamental question, aspiring seducer…


What in blazes would make you choose to make becoming a lust-inspiring lothario a more difficult task than it needs to be???

I mean… who does that?!?!

Look dude, I’m in the dating space because, as a guy who’s “fought the war” and “rolled in the trenches”…

… I know how tough the process is.

So here’s my #1 PRO TIP for you: Don’t re-invent the wheel…

You should be taking every d@mn opportunity to piggyback on veteran experience and know-how because that’s where you’re gonna get the greatest seductive mileage…


Because that’s exactly why I created The Players Club… with you in mind…

Take The Players Club Shortcut to Poonville

The Players Club is a brand-spankin’-new group that provides you with every imaginable tip, trick, tactic, strategy, and system you’ll ever need…

The Players Club is, in fact, the cure for what ails you no matter where you are in learning seduction… no matter where you are in the process…

The Players Club is literally guaranteed to be the shortest, easiest, most enjoyable detour from where you are to where you wanna be.

How can I make such stupendous claims?

… Because I’ve enlisted the best and brightest in the biz to assist me in paring and polishing YOU into the seductive juggernaut you dream of being.

So join me and my motley-est of crews in The Players Club so we can get your seductive ambitions underway like a freight train.

Remember: Life is damn short, so get a move on.

Take The Players Club Shortcut to Poonville

Get Some!

Nick Rogue
Your Personal Seduction Mentor

PS… Like I said before… I’ve only got room for 50 seats and they’re filling up fast…

Secure a seat for yourself now before I close the doors.

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